Moon (Chandra)

Moon Mantra

Moon (Chandra)Yin and Yang… the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is water โ€“ Soma, soft and nourishing. The Sun is Agni โ€“ fire. Polar opposites. Infinite microcosms are born, each a full expression of the mechanic of manifestation of Oneness.

When the moon is closer to the earth, it brings more Soma. When the moon is closer to the sun, it brings more Agni. The waxing moon is considered to be benefic, and the waning moon is considered to be malefic.

The moon influences emotions, will, and mind. During a full moon, the tide comes in and there are bigger waves. The same happens to the emotions, which is why there is more lunacy on full moons. This choppiness happens on new moons and full moons โ€“ people are affected by both. Brilliant moons are more upsetting than less brilliant ones.

Moon represents emotions, mind, receptivity, sensitivity, sweetness, queen, fertility, travel, water retention, feeling, maternal protection, and nurturing.

Chandra is connected with the night’s dew, and is thus a god of fertility. Because the Soma value is the life-giving sap of the plants, Chandra is also the lord of plants. He is young, beautiful, and his chariot glides upon the soft moonbeams with his ten white horses.

5 Elements: water
3 Gunas: sattwic
3 Doshas: kapha

Influence: benefic
Body: blood, swelling, stomach, eyes, intestines, womb
Relationship: mother
Day: Monday
Color: milky white
Gemstone: pearl