Ketu Mantra

KetuKetu is Mars like. He represents moksha (spiritual liberation), divine knowledge, supernatural influences, asceticism, intrigue, surprises, thinking outside the box, eccentricity, detachment, emotional tensions, impulsiveness, change, ups and downs, accidents, and hypersensitivity.

Ketu is the descending south lunar node and is generally referred to as a shadow planet. His vehicle is the eagle. Considered the tail of the demon snake, Ketu points towards the heavens and is an indicator for enlightenment. Ketu represents the process of purification/clarification of material life, revealing the Self or God.

5 Elements: fire
3 Gunas: tamas
3 Doshas: pitta

Influence: worldly malefic, spiritually benefic
Body: short, cuts, wounds, chronic itching
Relationship: maternal grandfather, detachment, separation
Color: multicolor
Gemstone: cat’s eye