The Surya Ram Meditation is an ancient technique from the Himalayas. Brought forth in its purity by Dr. Michael Mamas, it imposes nothing. Instead, it naturally promotes your spiritual growth and fosters a healthy life.

By resting into the source of your being, deep-seated stresses in your mind and body are released. Your inherently Divine true nature is freed to well up and permeate all aspects of your life.

MeditationThe many reported benefits of Surya Ram Meditation include:

  • A clearer and brighter mind
  • Increased health and vitality
  • More happiness
  • Greater creativity
  • Inner peace and harmony

The Surya Ram Meditation

  • Is effortless
  • Encourages an extra-ordinary state of awareness
  • Promotes an exceptional state of physiology
  • Is very easy to learn
  • Occurs naturally
  • Can be integrated into any lifestyle

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