Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati“The real craft of stone carving is a ‘visual song,’ which cannot really be planned or repeated, because the vibration of the stone itself tells the carver how it should be shaped. The carver must become one with the stone, and then the music of the stones expresses itself through him.”
Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati
Padma Bhushan
Former Principal of the Government College of Architecture & Sculpture, India
Founder of the Vaastu Vedic Trust and the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation

Sthapati S.Santhana Krishnan“Under the tutelage of Dr. Ganapati Sthapati and my father, I have received immense knowledge in Sthapatya Veda. The Science behind Temple Architecture is very intricate. Strict adherence of Sthapatya Veda is both indispensable and rare. The initial conceptualizing and transforming of my design into hand carved stonework was done in India by my team of skilled artisans (shilpis), and was finished by the same shilpis on site in North Carolina. All the religious Murtis (deities) and Garbha Gruham (shrines) were carved in granite in India and shipped to North Carolina. Fully authentic Vedic Temples are very rare, and Sri Somesvara Temple will be incredibly powerful. It will radiate divine energy, and is truly a special temple.”
Sthapati S.Santhana Krishnan
Temple Architect
Bachelor’s degree in Temple Architect from “The college of Architecture ad Sculpture”
M.A, M.Phil in Sanskrit from “Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College”

Pandit Sarthi“We are blessed to have this Shiva Temple with complete Vaastu Design. This place will be blessed to have the profound influence of divine spiritual energy to perform regular Vedic rituals. We will be with Peace and Harmony. This temple and Mount Soma will become a wonderful place of pilgrimage for devoted spiritual seekers.”
Pandit Sarathi

“This is very excellent temple. 100% perfect Vaastu, very rare. All dimensions and bindu points 100% accurate. Along with Kauai Temple, this is the first Vedic Vastu Temple in America. Like an American Himalayan Temple. Mount Soma is a very excellent and pleasant peaceful place to visit, perfect for this great Temple.”
Shiva Kumar
Supervising Sthapati

“I have worked on over 100 temples and this is one of the most beautiful. The stone and ornamentation make it unique and authentic. Very nice place and very nice people. Very peaceful, everyone should visit.”

Dr. Michael Borden“I just wanted to point out what an unbelievable and incredible thing Marcia Bowes and Mount Soma are doing by financing, organizing and building an authentic Vedic temple to Lord Shiva. This is really an incredibly auspicious and wonderful action to perform and it will bring immeasurable benefits. Just think, every time the pandit(s) do a Vedic ceremony in the temple, a profound influence of spiritual vibrations, peace, and harmony, is created and spreads throughout the whole environment and the world. This is tremendous good karma for everyone involved and will be highly spiritually evolutionary. I highly recommend that everyone takes advantage of this incredible opportunity by sponsoring the temple and sharing in the good karma.”
Dr. Michael Borden
PhD Mayonic Science and Technology (Science of Vaastu architecture)
Certified Master Vaastu Architect III (one of two in the U.S.)
Spent extensive time with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati (Master Vaastu Architect)

Dr. Jessie Mercay“It is such a pleasure to have been able to help bring the Shilpis and Sthapati Santhana Krishna to build this project. The importance of having a true Vaastu Temple built using Vaastu Shastras, Shipla Shastras and Agamas is enormous. Such a building vibrates with divine energy due to the mathematical order and precise building codes applied during the entire process. The qualities of this Cosmic force then cause the individual Atman to vibrate with the same divine qualities. I am happy to say that The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology www.aumscience.com which teaches the ancient and traditional arts from Vaastu Shastra under the supervision of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and with the help of Sthapati Santhanam Krishna and his wife Vaastu Architect Krithika. Michael Mamas exhibited great foresight and depth of consciousness in his effort to bring such a building into existence. Michael Borden also contributed a great deal to the project. It is such a great joy to witness this form come into being.”
Dr. Jessie Mercay
Chancellor, American University of Mayonic Science and Technology
(Science of Vaastu architecture)

“Lucky to have a true Vaastu temple architect like Santhanam Krishna to guide this project. He has studied extensiovley with Dr. Ganapati Sthapati. We look forward to 2011 when he starts a Vishnu temple here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.”
Tom Leparskas, B.Sc.
Certified Vaastu Consultant
American University of Mayonic Science and Technology (Science of Vaastu architecture)

“I am very happy to see Siva Temple rising up! Divine energy will be not only preserved there but will be also generated there for the benefit of all according to Vaastu Shastra! Congratulations to the community! Warm regards!”
Olga Mandodar

“Very impressive and beautiful design and construction. Commendable job. All the best wishes.”
Anil Khare