Personal Pujas

Note: All personal Pujas are performed at Mount Soma. Off-site personal Pujas are currently unavailable. 



“Puja” means worship of deities. There are two types of Pujas:

1. Sakaama – This system of worship pleases a particular deity to obtain blessings and rewards. This kind of Puja is for fulfillment of human desires, wants, freedom from sufferings, marriage, rising status and position, and for health, wealth, and other desires.

2. Nishkaama – This is worship without expectation. Lord Krishna revealed these sacred paths in the Bhagavad-Gita:

  1. Karma Yoga – Adherence to duty, while remaining detached from reward.
  2. Gyana Yoga – Knowledge of the Absolute.
  3. Bhakthi Yoga – Spiritual practice of fostering loving devotion to God.

All beings have souls. For all souls, there is a process of reincarnation after death, according to their karma. The principle of reincarnation is a cornerstone of Vedic tradition. Every soul tries to attain salvation (nirvana, mukthi, moksha) through spiritual practices. This should be the supreme purpose behind a Puja.

In order to fulfill Sakaama and Nishkaama forms of worship, Sri Somesvara Temple provides various Pujas you can schedule. If you are interested in a Puja that is not mentioned, please contact us.