About Mount Soma

The vision for Mount Soma is to help humanity evolve by integrating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern life. A magnificent 448-acre Vedic community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Mount Soma is founded on the universal principles of nature, the Veda.


Mount Soma will be an enlightened city and spiritual destination center. It will provide spiritual growth and meditation programs, a Vedic wellness center, murthis with parks, Vedic study, and world-class business and meeting facilities, all in a majestic natural setting with five Vedic temples radiating coherence into the city’s inhabitants and surroundings.

By meticulously utilizing Vedic knowledge, all levels and aspects of life are fed. The qualities of the Absolute, the Transcendent, the underlying source of order, harmony, and health in all existence are radiated out into the environment. This process can be likened to watering the root of a tree. When the root is watered, the whole tree flourishes.

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Mount Soma

Much work has already been done to make the vision for Mount Soma a reality:

As each piece is added, Mount Soma becomes more powerful and alive. Like one visitor remarked, “It feels like a piece of heaven.” Everything is being done to evolve the awareness of people, and this is happening at a rapid rate at Mount Soma, creating the foundation for a Vedic enlightened city.


The Michael Mamas World Peace Project (MMWPP) with Vedic Pandits travelling to the 12 Jyothirlingas, where they utilize Vedic technology to perform Vishwa Shanthi Kalyana Maha Yagnas. These 12 Jyothirlingas are Shiva Lingas that have occurred naturally and resonate with the most subtle level of life. This project also includes Vedic Pandits travelling to the eight sacred Ashtavinayaka Ganesh temples in India to perform abhishekam and yagnas. What is being done with the MMWPP is a technology based on science that works on the Quantum Mechanical Level of existence to affect global change.

People who can bridge the gap between nations without compromising their own cultural integrity are an essential ingredient of creating peace on earth. The Michael Mamas World Men Project (MMWMP) will create such men, and be used as a feeder system for the MM World Peace Project.

Both the Michael Mamas World Peace Project and the Michael Mamas World Men Project are integral to the long-term vision of uniting humanity and bringing peace and prosperity to the planet. They will expand with each phase of Mount Soma’s development.

Dr. Michael Mamas

Dr. Michael Mamas, the visionary and developer of Mount Soma, has a student base throughout the world, and offers free online meditation instruction, blogs, videos, articles, and lectures. Michael Mamas is the author of numerous books that are available online and at the Visitor’s Center. He also offers classes and group meditation at Mount Soma and San Francisco, and meditation retreats at Mount Soma. In the video above, Dr. Mamas talks about Mount Soma.

The Future

While Mount Soma is already a one-of-a-kind destination center for people serious about spiritual evolution, the future vision for Mount Soma is something far greater. Every aspect of Mount Soma, from selecting the land to constructing the homes and temples, is in complete accordance with the Vaastu Shastra guidelines for building a Vedic enlightened city.

More Temples

In order to full accommodate those Vaastu Shastra guidelines, more temples will need to be constructed. Once completed, these temples will combine with Sri Somesvara to create an incredibly powerful energetic matrix, radiating coherence, harmony, and health to the entire planet.

Creating a Vedic enlightened city is much more then constructing more temples. All levels and aspects of life must be addressed to provide conduits of harmony.

Vedic Temples, like Sri Somesvara, have a refined and powerful vibration that feels pure, whole, and radiant. An Enlightened City amplifies this vibration thousands of times. Just as a small light bulb illuminates a room, Mount Soma will be a beacon of light to the world.

“Contained within the Veda is the knowledge of how to construct an Enlightened City that will radiate coherence and harmony to our entire world. Mount Soma is that place.”
– Dr. Michael Mamas

Vedic University

In order to bring Vedic Knowledge to the world, a Vedic University must be built. The Vedic University will function as a cultural, economic, and spiritual bridge. By integrating Vedic Knowledge with Western scientific mentality, major breakthroughs in human endeavor and technology can be achieved.

World Business Center

Mount Soma’s World Business Center will provide a place where dignitaries, ambassadors, business leaders, and humanitarians can meet to address the world’s problems in an environment that radiates coherence. It will provide technologically advanced conference rooms, accommodations, and places to facilitate work.

Vedic Wellness Center

Accommodating a wide variety of guests, the Vedic Wellness Center will become a worldwide attraction with its one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic and holistic health clinic. Offering panchakarma, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, Transgradientâ„¢ healing and more, the Vedic Wellness Center will revolutionize health and healing. By bringing Vedic knowledge to their work, health practitioners will function beyond models and paradigms.

Worldwide Vedic Cities

After creating Mount Soma, at least one Vedic Enlightened City will be built on every continent. These strategically placed cities will facilitate the transformation of global consciousness.