Classes & Retreats

Mount SomaSurya Ram Classes

Surya Ram Classes include cutting-edge lectures by Dr. Michael Mamas, lively discussions, and dynamic exercises.

Each class provides students with a wide spectrum of experiences, making class intriguing, inspiring, and fulfilling. Occasionally by invitation, guest speakers contribute.

Classes begin and end with the Surya Ram Meditation. What distinguishes Michael Mamas from some other excellent teachers is his three-pronged approach of meditation, personal process and Vedic Knowledge.

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Surya Ram Meditation Retreats

Surya Ram Meditation Retreats are designed to provide deep rest to the mind and physiology. Participants find these retreats to be a source of rejuvenation and inspiration. The power of Surya Ram Meditation increases exponentially when practiced in a group.

In between meditation rounds, Dr. Michael Mamas lectures on the nature of existence, the essence of spirituality, and the phenomenon of expanding consciousness. He readily invites and answers all questions to promote a greater understanding of oneself, life, and the world we live in.

Surya Ram Meditation Retreats offer everyone a way to de-stress, while enhancing vitality and mental clarity.

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