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Lakshmi means in Sanskrit “to perceive or observe.” This is synonymous with Lakshya, meaning “aim” or “objective.” She is the one who has the object and aim of uplifting mankind. Lakshmi is that which is sought after by all. Being the consort of Vishnu, Lakshmi is herself Adi Shakthi, the eternal power of the Lord, and has various aspects. Those who want either pleasure or liberation should follow the pathway of Dharma (to be honest, helpful, no cheating, humble, obedient to on’’s inner god, always on one’s right path). While Lakshmi is generally worshipped to achieve success, she does not reside long with anyone who is not following their Dharma.

Mahalakshmi is seen in two forms as Bhudevi and Sreedevi. Bhudevi is the representation of the material world, and Sreedevi the representation of the spiritual world. Ashtalakshmi has eight forms who are commonly worshipped by the devotees. Those who desire pleasures of this world and higher worlds like Moksha, should aim to live a long life of dharma and serving humanity. Those who worship Mahalakshmi receive blessings in eight forms:

  • Bhagya Lakshmi – Goddess of luck
  • Dhanya Lakshmi – Goddess of food
  • Dhairya Lakshmi – Goddess of strength
  • Gaja Lakshmi – Goddess of power
  • Santana Lakshmi – Goddess of children
  • Vijaya Lakshmi – Goddess of success
  • Vidya Lakshmi – Goddess of wisdom and education
  • Dhana Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth

Those who receive the eight forms of blessings and follow their dharma, will ultimately attain Moksha.

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