Hanuman Puja

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Hanuman is a great devotee of Rama. Hanuman, with a face like a monkey, takes care of those who worship him. People pray: "You are as powerful as the wind. You are intelligent, illustrious, and inventor. There is nothing in this world that is too difficult for you. Whenever stuck, you are the one who can help." Hanuman is invoked to bless people with abundance, vigor, valor, and success in all tasks. Benefits of this Puja are:

  • Removes all blemishes of sin
  • Confers purity of mind
  • Removes fear of enemies
  • Confers victory and protects his devotees from evil
  • Drives away evil spells and black magic influences, negative spirits, and removes all poisonous effects in one’s body
  • Wards off the troubles caused by bad influences of the planets
  • Comforts all types of wealth and provides knowledge, victory, good family life, and prosperity
  • Confers courage and will-power to accomplish personal and social endeavors

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