Puja / Havan Information

To maintain a higher vibration at Sri Somesvara, funds are being handled in a way that adheres to Vedic guidelines. According to Vedic tradition, it is not proper to pay for ceremonies. Therefore, all contributions will go toward Temple supplies, Temple upkeep, Pandit’s family, and other Temple expenses. To acknowledge your contribution, your name will be read during the ceremony you select and you will receive the many blessings and benefits bestowed upon a supporter of the Temple.



Contributing to a greater cause rather than focusing on the small self (personality desires) will bring bigger blessings. It will also bring more awareness of God within and more consciousness of the greater good. This will give a boost to each and every devotee. We invite you to feel the difference of a Vedic Temple.

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Sri Somesvara Temple is pleased to offer Pujas and Havans performed by Pandit Prasad. In addition to the already scheduled DailyWeeklyMonthly, and Annual Pujas available, Sri Somesvara also offers you the opportunity to Request a Puja or Request a Havan. Please explore the Categories to the right to find the ceremony that is right for you.


A Puja is the act of showing reverence to an aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. Invoking God and offering Shodaso PacharaPuja (16 types of offerings to God) is done for each Puja. These sixteen types of offerings are:

  1. Avahanam (inviting)
  2. Aasanam (providing a seat)
  3. Padyam (washing feet)
  4. Arghyam (washing hands)
  5. Achmaneeyam (offer water to drink)
  6. Snanam (offering a bath)
  7. Vastram (offering clothes)
  8. Kumkum, haridram akshataan (offering turmeric, kumkum, and sacred rice)
  9. Gandham (offering sandalwood powder)
  10. Yagnopaveetham (offering sacred thread)
  11. Pushpam (offering flowers)
  12. Dhoopam (offering sandalwood stick)
  13. Deepam (offering light)
  14. Naivedhyam (offering prasadam or food)
  15. Neerajanam (offering camphor)
  16. Manthrapushpam and tambulam (offering flowers and betel leaves/nuts with coins)

Sri Somesvara HavansHavans

During a Havan, divine presence is invoked into fire using specific procedures. Specific materials, depending on which Havan is being performed, are sacrificed into the fire, while the priest chants sacred mantras. These sacrifices are offerings to the Gods. In this ancient practice, scheduling a monthly Havan for a period of time will greatly support one’s mental state.


  • Other ceremonies are available. Please ask if you do not see the one you desire.
  • Pundit Prasad can calculate the Muhurtha (date) for your ceremony or function if you wish.
  • Sri Somesvara will supply all the ingredients for a Personal Puja or Personal Havan if the request is made at least two weeks prior to the Puja date. If less than two weeks notice is given or your Puja/Havan requires it, you may be asked to bring flowers, fruits, milk, etc.