About Your Contribution

During a trip to India, Pandit Prasad visited several temples. He was particularly struck by one temple's purity. After inquiring, he discovered that the temple funding was handled in a Sattvic manner that is closer to Vedic tradition than most Indian temples.

At Sri Somesvara, we work hard to maintain the purity of the Veda in all we do, including the delicate task of handling funds. In order to follow Vedic tradition, we have designed a system in which devotees do not pay for ceremonies.



When you select a particular ceremony on the website, you will be given different contribution levels to choose from. Your contribution will not go to the ceremony, but instead toward Temple supplies, Temple upkeep, Pandit’s family, and other Temple expenses. To acknowledge your contribution, your name will be read during the ceremony you select, and you will receive the many blessings and benefits of that ceremony.

Contributing to a greater cause rather than focusing on individual desires, facilitates the expansion of individual awareness, from personal gain to the greater good. This will also bring more awareness of God within and more clarity around your dharmic path.

When you give to a Vedic temple, you do much more than ease the burden of your karma. You align yourself with the Gods, the most powerful forces in Nature, thereby receiving tremendous support of Nature.