Daily Rudrabhishekam


Daily at 11:00 AM
(11:30 AM if there is a Puja at 11:00 AM)


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Note: All ceremonies are free to attend.
Contributions are optional, and help cover Temple expenses.
Panditji reads contributors’ names as part of the ceremony.
Learn more about contributions.

In this Puja, Lord Shiva is worshipped in his Rudra form. This auspicious Puja is the remover of all sins and afflictions and helps to obtain peace, prosperity and happiness. Sponsoring this Lord Shiva Puja helps with success in all areas of life including family harmony.

An important aspect of this Puja is the washing of the Shiva Lingam, which symbolizes the removal of impurities (false self or ego) from our mind which is said to be the source of all the hardships in life. This purification ritual also symbolizes the elimination of our material interests that distract us from our spiritual path.

For further information about Lord Shiva and his blessings, please click here.

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