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General Donation

Your donation will go toward whatever Sri Somesvara Temple expenses most need to be covered.

Flowers, Fruit, and Puja Supplies

Your donation will help pay for the flowers, fruit, ghee, spices, and other puja supplies used on a regular basis. It will also pay for the fruit and picnic supplies used for prasadam in the temple.

Feed the People

If you mention a particular event or date, you can sponsor food for the devotees for that event or date. Otherwise, your donation will buy food for temple visitors and cooking/service appliances and utensils used to cook for the devotees/visitors.

Pandit Support

Your donation will help pay for Panditji’s support, including living expenses, insurance, travel, etc. It will also help pay for substitute pandits and additional pandits as needed.

Temple Improvements and Upkeep

Your donation will help keep up the temple, both inside and outside. This means contributing to cleaning materials, repair costs, paint, building materials, equipment, plants, etc. It also includes helping with the monthly electric bill, insurance, etc.

Murthis with Parks

Your donation will help pay for Murthis and develop and maintain the parks that surround them. This includes all landscaping, benches, and park maintenance for each park.

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General Donation, Flowers, Fruit, and Puja Supplies, Feed the People, Pandit Support, Temple Improvements and Upkeep, Murthis with Parks


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