Kaarthika Maas (Shiva month)


Saturday, November 2 – Saturday, November 30, 2024


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Note: All ceremonies are free to attend.
Contributions are optional, and help cover Temple expenses.
Panditji reads contributors’ names as part of the ceremony.
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Kaarthika Maas Mondays – Dates & Times

  • Monday, November 4
    10:00 am Abhishekam & Archana for Lord Shiva
  • Monday, November 11
    10:00 am Abhishekam & Archana for Lord Shiva
  • Monday, November 18
    10:00 am Abhishekam & Archana for Lord Shiva
  • Monday, November 25
    10:00 am Abhishekam & Archana for Lord Shiva


About Kaarthika Maas

A very auspicious month according to the ancient Vedic scriptures, Kaarthika Maas falls somewhere during October to November. The full moon day during this time happens in Krithika Nakshatra. So, this Vedic month is called “Kaarthika Maas.” Each day of this month is a very auspicious time to worship many deities, including Lord Shiva, Parvathi, Karthikeya, and Vishnu. Special prayers and rituals are performed in Shiva temples. Mondays (Somavar) of Kaarthika month are specially observed times to worship the austere Lord Shiva with austerity.

During the entire month of Kaarthika Maas, visiting the Shiva Temple and offering flowers, milk, and fruits, and doing abhishekam and archanas gives a long and prosperous life.


Rudrabhishekam (Abhishekam for Lord Shiva)

The Rudrabhishekam is the primary way to worship Lord Shiva. It is well-known that Lord Shiva is an abhishekapriya (lover of ablutions). In this puja, Lord Shiva is worshipped in his Rudra form. It is hailed in all Vedic scriptures as one of the greatest pujas to remove all evils, to attain all desires, and for all around prosperity. This puja is performed for the sake of washing away one’s sins and afflictions. It brings peace, prosperity, happiness, and family togetherness. Performing this puja for Lord Shiva is an excellent remedy for anything not in harmony with Nature (doshas), and for all-around success in all areas of life.

In the Kaarthika month, the Shiva linga should be worshipped with water, milk, curd (yogurt), sugar, ghee, honey, flowers, and especially bilwa leaves.


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Daily Rudrabhishekam (per morning), Monday Rudrabhishekam (4 mornings), Daily Rudrabhishekam (mornings all month)


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