Sri Somesvara Temple Updates

Sri Somesvara Temple Temporarily Closed
We at Sri Somesvara Temple and Mount Soma are committed to the safety and health of our visitors and staff. Due to the Coranovirus crisis, the Temple will be temporarily closed until further notice. The Visitor Center and Student Union are also closed, and no food is being served.
Pujas & Havans Continue
All scheduled Pujas and Havans will still be performed by Panditji. You are welcome to sponsor any upcoming ceremonies and have the names of your family read at the ceremony.

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Special Dhanvanthari Havan for Health
Sri Somesvara Temple has made the decision to protect the world from the Coronavirus by performing the DHANVANTHARI HAVAN. Sri Dhanvanthari is the God of Medicine and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

According to Vedic scriptures, this Havan helps to bring health for everybody in society. Panditji will be performing this Havan on April 2, 2020 at 11:30 AM. April 2 is also Sri Rama's birthday and Sri Swami Narayan's birthday, making it a highly auspicious day.

You are welcome to sponsor this special Havan online or by calling 828-531-9945. You can provide family names online. Panditji will read the family names during the Sankalpa at the beginning of the Havan.


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Thank You for Your Support
We appreciate the incredible support Sri Somesvara Temple has received since opening in 2011. Unlike many other Temples, Sri Somesvara is supported solely by donations. We appreciate your continued support in these trying times.

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