Visitor Center Kitchen Remodel

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Make a donation to remodel the Visitor Center kitchen

Insufficient StorageAs our number of Indian guests increase at Sri Somesvara Temple, our cooking facilities become more and more insufficient. We use a combination of slow cookers, woks, rice cookers, and other plug-in devices to do the cooking. We have no stove-top, no burners at all.

Small SinkThere is also insufficient storage.

Clean up is just as difficult, with one little hand-wash sink being used to clean very big pots and pans.

We must remodel and bring the kitchen up to standard. To do the job properly will take $29,261 in equipment and our contractor estimates $30,000 in labor and installation costs. We estimate taxes and shipping at $5000 for a total of approximately $64,261.

So we can be ready by July (the summer busy season), please contribute now!

Since there is a donor who will match donations, any donation amount is helpful.

You may donate in three ways:

1. Donate online above.

2. Call Mark Putnam, Donation Coordinator, at 828-273-4330.

3. Send a check to:

Sri Somesvara Temple
Mount Soma
1 Lila Lane
Clyde, NC 28721

Here is the list of equipment needed to properly serve good, wholesome food to our many guests:

Hot Foot Buffet Table
Hot Food Buffet Table (allows 2 lanes)
$2483 + shipping + install
Commercial Diswashing Machine
Hi Temp Commercial Dishwashing Machine (208/230 Volt)
$5959 + shipping + install
Big Pot Cookers
Two (2) "Low Boy" Big Pot Cookers
$4602 + shipping + install


Restaurant Stove Flame
Fire Supression System

Restaurant Fire Suppression System
$2300 + shipping + install


6 Burner Cook Range
Six Burner Cook Range
$999 + shipping + install
Commercial Ventilation Hood
Commercial Ventilation Hood
$1696 + shipping + install
Grease Trap
Grease Trap (to ensure our septic drain field does not clog)
$759 + shipping + install


Double Sink with Drainboards and Overhead Spray Washer
Stainless Double Sink with Drainboards & Overhead Spray Washer
$635 + shipping + install
Ten Tubular Rack Shelving Units
Ten (10) Tubular Rack Shelving Units
$1020 + shipping + install
Two 30" Deep Stainless Steel Prep Tables
Two (2) 30" Deep Stainless Steel Prep Tables
$778 + shipping + assembly


Two 18 inch Deep Stainless Steel Prep Tables
Two (2) 18" Deep Stainless Steel Prep Tables
$300 + shipping + assembly
Two Large, Heavy-duty Busing Carts
Two (2) Large, Heavy-duty Busing Carts
$2005 + shipping + assembly
Four Wall Mounted Pizza Ovens
Four (4) Wall Mounted Pizza Ovens
$216 + shipping



Plus drinking glasses, food trays, plates, silverware, slide racks for the buffet table, cook pots, serving utensils, etc.
$5509 + shipping + assembly/install


Total amount: $64,261

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