Sri Somesvara Temple Updates
2017 Wall & Desk Calendars
Sri Somesvara Temple 2017 wall and desk calendars are now available in the Visitor Center store and online. The calendars feature beautiful images each month of the Temple and Mount Soma. They are only $14.00 for the wall calendar and $7.00 for the desk calendar.

All sales of the calendars support Sri Somesvara Temple.

Free shipping! Limited quantity!
2017 Wall Calender
2017 Desk Calendar
Wall Calendar Cover
Desk Calendar Cover
Wall Calendar - June
Desk Calendar - January
Year End Donation Drive
Please consider making a year-end donation to help support the continued operation of Sri Somesvara Temple and Mount Soma.

Thanks to generous donations and volunteers, we accomplished quite a lot in 2016, including:

  • Larger water holding tank for the Visitor Center
  • New Snack Shop and related equipment
  • New cooking equipment in the Visitor Center
  • New Seva Program volunteers
  • New paint job and carpet in stairwell of Yellow Cottage suites
  • Student Union accommodation upgrades (donated heaters, fans, etc.)
  • Food donations & meal sponsors for popular Temple events

Upcoming needs include:
  • Paying for substitute Pandit to cover while Pandit Prasad is on vacation (immediate need): $1500 – $2500 + $500 food & lodging + travel costs
  • Desktop computer for outreach and accommodations work at the Visitor Center (immediate need): $800
  • Smartphone for outreach, marketing communications, and photography (immediate need): $650
  • Filing/documentation fees for second Pandit to help relieve Pandit Prasad during the busy season in 2017: $1000 + travel expenses
  • Upgrade Student Union accommodations
    • Heaters for guest rooms (immediate need): 5 heaters at $35 each
    • Improve heat and AC system for upstairs and downstairs: $15,000 (long term project)
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New Year's Day Ganesh Puja
Lord Ganesh
Start 2017 off right with the annual New Year's Day Ganesh Puja at 11:30am on Sunday, January 1, 2017.

This Puja is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganapathi, thereby seeking no obstacles and hurdles during the new year.
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